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Electrical Specifications

We are committed to only supplying products that conform to the highest international standards.

IEC STANDARDSstandards Electrical Specifications
IEC 60076 and IEC 60354
SEC Specification No: 51 – SDMS, 56-SDMS, 51-TMSS (including latest revisions)

CONSTRUCTIONconstruction Electrical Specifications
Corrugated or rigid tank, hermetically sealed with or without gas cushion.
Immersed in mineral oil (IEC60296 – Class I)
Natural cooling: ONAN (KNAN can be provided on request)

WINDINGwinding Electrical Specifications
Both HV and LV windings are made of copper (Aluminum on special request)
High Voltage winding: Delta connected.
Low Voltage winding: Star connected with neutral brought out.
Connection Group: Dyn11
Other configurations like YNd11, Yzn11 etc can be provided.

TEMPERATURE RISE LIMITStemperature rise limits Electrical Specifications
Maximum ambient temperature: 55⁰C (standard 50⁰C).
Temperature rise of top oil: 40 – 60 ⁰C (as per customer request) standard 45⁰C
Avg. Temperature rise of windings: 45 – 65⁰C (as per customer request) standard 50⁰C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICSelectrical characteristics Electrical Specifications
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
High Voltage:

  • Most used values: 13.8 kV or 33 kV
  • Also available: dual-primary voltage 13.8 – 11 kV, 11 – 6.6 kV.
  • Any voltage can be provided as per customer request. (Up to 36 kV class)

Low Voltage (at no load):

  • Most used values: 231 or 400 V
  • We may supply any voltage required by our client. Tapping on HV side (by off-load tap changer): ±2.5% ±5% (we may also supply any tapping required by client). Short Circuit withstand time = 2 seconds. (5 sec shot on customer request)

Impedance voltage:

  • As per IEC 60076 – 5 or as per customer request.

Custom Requirements

State of the art design tools and Engineering capabilities enable us to fulfill the most stringent of requirements .

custom requirements2 Electrical Specifications

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