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Name plate & connection diagram (Fig.1)
Earthing terminals on tank bottom (Fig.2)
Oil filling plug
Oil drain valve (Fig.3)
Lifting lugs (Fig.4)
Bi-directional rollers (Fig.5)
Top oil thermometer with a maximum
Indicator (Fig.6)
(with or without contacts)
Pressure relief device (Fig.7)
(with or without contacts)
Oil level indicator:
Vertical float type (Fig.8)
Dial type (Fig.9)
Buchholz relay
Silica gel Breather
Winding temperature indicator
with contacts
Multi-function protection relay (Fig.10) that detects and signals:
(a)Reduction of oil level
(b)Presence of gas
(c)Over temperature
rating plate 250px Accessories
accessories 350px 2 Accessories